Welcome to GN Strength & Conditioning.

Greg Napolitan is a Certified Personal Trainer (ASCM) and a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE), who specializes in strength training for all ages and fitness levels.  GN Strength & Conditioning is a 650 sq ft private strength training studio in downtown Kalamazoo, Mi which opened in March 2018.

Clients of GN Strength & Conditioning can expect personal instruction on barbell strength exercises, which are taught using a proven model based on biomechanics, not fads.  With the Coach’s expert eye each and every rep, the client will perform exercises safely and efficiently, while using the maximum muscle possible.  The client’s program will be structured and executed so that strength improvements will be realized each and every session, which greatly contributes to their excitement and training adherence.

Strength Training with GN Strength & Conditioning Options

If you are interested in strength training with a coach, and are in the Kalamazoo area, you can use the contact form above to reserve your FREE intro session.  Bring a friend/spouse and train together! No further obligation.

If you are interested in strength training but do not live near Kalamazoo, an online training option is available.  Same expert coaching, but done through an app, at your convenience.   Details inside.