In-Person Coaching with Your Personal Trainer

Your first step for in person training is to sign up for an intro session.

Intro session – $50. Potential members must attend a 60-90-minute private session where the client will be exposed to the main barbell lifts (exercise adjustments will be made if unable to perform certain movements due to age or injury). Learning proper technique, lifting/gym safety, and a detailed discussion about the client’s goals will be the objective at this initial session. There is no further commitment required. This option is also perfect for those who have a garage gym and would like to learn proper technique or a form check.

Training with a Coach

Train under the guidance of a professional coach. Proper technique focus with real time corrections, expert programming, encouragement, and accountability. Objective goals, results driven.

After your initial session, you may sign up for in person training on a 2x or 3x per week schedule. You will be trained 1 on 1 with your coach, or with up to 3 other clients, depending on your desired time slot and training needs.

Your coach will create a training plan based on your goals, fitness level, interests and training frequency. Most people generally fall into one (or more) of these training categories. These programs are meant guides, not a strict template to force clients into.The client’s program often incorporates elements from each training category.

Apply for Coaching

To find out more, visit our program pages:

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Power Athlete Program

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As the client progresses, your coach adjusts training based on objective assessments, client feedback, and coach’s judgement.