Online Training with an Experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach

If you are looking for an online training solution with the same personal attention as in-person training, while also being affordable and extremely flexible, then GN Strength & Conditioning’s Online Coaching Program may be a perfect fit for you.

Do you own fitness equipment or like to do bodyweight exercises at home?

Do you have a hectic schedule, so your workouts get “squeezed in” as you have time?

Are you a member of a gym, but need some guidance with programming, exercise selection, and techniques feedback?

Do you want access to your own Personal Trainer, at a fraction of the face-to-face cost?

The demand for online coaching has never been greater because it solves many of the issues we face today. With social distancing due to COVID, gym closures, reduced incomes, more hectic and unpredictable schedules, etc., it’s clear that we need an efficient, affordable way to maintain our health and reach our goals – and online coaching allows us to do just that.

Although this is an online program, it is important to realize that you are hiring an experienced, professional Personal Trainer/Strength Coach who will be with you throughout your journey. This is not a program where you receive a list of exercises to do – while never hearing from your trainer again. The same passion for getting clients’ results is built into the online coaching program as it is for the in-person program.

What Our Online Clients Get:

  • Regular check-ins with your trainer.
  • A thorough, individualized program written based on client’s goals and inputs.
  • Objective, measurable goal tracking.
  • Workout calendar with daily workout instructions that are accessed through your personal phone app or desktop.
  • Client exercises can be recorded to be reviewed for technique prior to the next session.
  • Access to your Personal Trainer through your app’s messaging system on a weekly basis.

Individual, customized coaching programs include training + nutrition, and currently runs $169 a month with a 3 month commitment. I also run other “specialized programs” that vary in length and cost.

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